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Writing in Japanese in can be very difficult if you are not familiar with the culture. One of the best ways available in the internet is the use of the Japanese name generator.

The website in which this converter is available is known as nolanlawson. This website is also available in android. So that means that this application very pocket friendly.

Using this name converter is very easy as you have to type your name in English and the website will provide you with the exact same name in Japanese version The beauty and ability to write your name in one of the toughest yet most beautiful languages of the world is bliss.

Japanese language has ancient roots and it originated some 10000 years ago and getting your name in this language has its own charm. The strokes made while writing in the Japanese language and the sound that the words make pronounced has its own beauty.

In Japanese language the names are written in Kanji. Importantly, the foreign names are mostly written by using katakana alphabet ( katakana happens to be one of the alphabets in the Japanese language) and it is spelled out phonetically.

It is very easy and simple to write in this language, just some very basic do and don’t need to be kept in mind.The name Isabella will be written and pronounced as i-za-be-ra.

Now that the name has been translated in Japanese language it gives you personal space in the language along with a distinguished identity in the language.